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Have you ever wished you could be at a David Liss signing when you were physically unable to attend?  I know I have.  In fact, here is a recording of one.  My appearance at Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, AZ was almost cancelled when my plane was repurposed to fly prominent ichthyologists to this year’s Guppycon.  Or something.  My flight was ixnzyed, is the point, and I only found out when I showed up at the airport.  After much begging and weeping, I managed to get on a flight that landed me at the exact time of my scheduled appearance.  I then heroically hailed a taxi and scooted over to the store pronto, and without time to do my usual Jack Donaghy-esque warm-up, I launched right into it.  Thus I am drinking large quantities of water and caffeine while chatting with the legendary Barbara Peters.  After viewing, please purchase a book. 

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