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The Coffee Trader: Praise
A New York Times Notable Book

"Liss has created another masterpiece… go out and get yourself a copy of The Coffee Trader, head to your nearest coffee shop and hunker down with this incredible saga."  
— Book Reporter

"Expertly plotted and excellently written, and it has all the qualities readers want in novels – romance, mystery, suspense, betrayal and redemption, a feeling for how people lived in other times and places. Where Liss succeeds is where all novelists, and especially historical novelists, must succeed, by being able to transform period practices into dialogue, motive and conflict."
— The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"A very fine piece of historical fiction, and also a uniquely resonant one… David Liss makes the foreign familiar as he immerses the reader in a bustling and intrigue-ridden past… The Coffee Trader is a reading joy. Liss has built a fascinating story on careful research, but his research never calls attention to itself or gets in the way of the narrative. The central characters are fully drawn, and the book concludes in a way that is both unexpected and completely right. The Coffee Trader is more than a worthy follow-on to his debut work."
— The Denver Post

"That sense of characters being subject to forces they cannot master is, in fact, the great strength of The Coffee Trader. The best moments of The Coffee Trader create a powerful sense of vertigo that’s something like the vertigo of finance capitalism, where there is no end to the trading and no firm foundation, just an ever-receding spiral of value."
— The Washington Post

"Mr. Liss is back with another learned page-turner."  
— The Wall Street Journal

"David Liss has cornered a niche of the literary market—historical financial thrillers. And it must be said: He’s quite good at it."  
— The San Francisco Chronicle


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