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The Ethical Assassin: Praise
A New York Times Notable Book

"A murderously funny thriller… Imagine David Lynch’s bizarre masterpiece Blue Velvet, scripted by Edna Buchanan and Carl Hiaasen. It’s a blast."   
Kirkus Reviews [a Starred Review]

"This is great fun, and if Liss is trespassing on Carl Hiaasen’s turf, well, who cares? It’s a big state."   
— The Washington Post  

"Readers will enjoy this wild and highly entertaining ride."   
— Library Journal  

"The jump from financial chicanery in seventeenth-century London to redneck craziness, South Florida style, seems daunting, but Liss sails across the abyss unscathed. . . Hiaasen’s homeboys will feel right at home down in the muck with a gang of evildoing pig farmers."   
— Booklist

"Gripping entertainment from the opening pages-a terrific read with the page-turning energy of a first-rate thriller, but also far, more than that. David Liss has written a genre-bender with more than its share of white-knuckle suspense, vivid characters, and surprising humor."   
— Joseph Finder, author of Company Man

"Hilarious, poignant, and laced with paranoia, The Ethical Assassin reads like a Hardy Boys mystery on acid. David Liss pulls out all the stops in this Homeric coming-of-age tale. A vibrant and sweaty page-turner, this book explodes with fresh, memorable characters and a soundtrack I’d like to own."   
— Mark Haskell Smith, author of Moist and Delicious

"Hypnotic and addictive storytelling."
— Lee Child, author of One Shot

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