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The Day of Atonement

The bestselling author of such novels as A Conspiracy of Paper and The Whiskey Rebels continues his masterly run of “atmospheric” (The Washington Post), “page-turning” (Baltimore Sun), “tremendously smart” (Newsweek) historical thrillers.

In The Day of Atonement, David Liss blends meticulous period detail with crackling adventure and a riveting plot in the tale of one man’s quest for justice and personal retribution. Sebastião Raposa is only thirteen when his parents are unjustly imprisoned—never to be seen again—and he is forced to flee from Portugal, lest he too fall victim to the Inquisition. But ten years in exile only serves to whet his appetite for vengeance. Returning at last to Lisbon, in the guise of English businessman Sebastian Foxx, he is no longer a frightened boy but a dangerous man tormented by his violent impulses.

Haunted by the specter of all he has lost, Foxx is determined to exorcise his demons by punishing an unforgivable enemy with unrelenting fury. Well-schooled by his benefactor, the notorious bounty hunter Benjamin Weaver, in the use of fists, wits, and a variety of weapons, Foxx begins to track down the ruthless Inquisitor priest Pedro Azinheiro, but in a city ruled by terror and treachery, where money and information can buy power and trump any law, no enemy should be underestimated and no ally can be trusted. Having risked everything, and once again under the watchful eye of the Inquisition, Foxx finds his plans unraveling as he becomes drawn into the struggles of old friends, none of whom, like Lisbon itself, are what they seem.

Compelled to play a game of deception and greed in which no one can be trusted, Sebastian Foxx will find himself befriended, betrayed, tempted by desire, and tormented by personal turmoil and human monsters. And when a twist of fate turns his carefully laid plans to chaos, he will be forced to choose between surrendering to bloodlust or serving the cause of mercy.

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