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The Whiskey Rebels

Philadelphia, 1792. Ethan Saunders, a spy for General Washington during the war, has been forced to resign when framed for sedition.  The debacle cost him his reputation and his beloved fiancée. Now, friendless and haunting the most wretched taverns, he is approached for an unlikely task-to find the missing husband of Cynthia Pearson, his onetime fiancee. The assignment leads him directly to none other than Alexander Hamilton, who is engaged in a larger struggle with political rival Thomas Jefferson while trying to build the first real financial institution of the fledgling country: the Bank of the United States. It is one of the most divisive moments in the nation’s young history.

Joan Maycott  is a young woman married to another Revolutionary War veteran.  With the new states unable to pay veterans for their service, the Maycotts are forced to make a desperate gamble:  trade the hope of future payment for a promise of land and a better life on the frontier of western Pennsylvania.  She is undaunted and determined to make of it a grand adventure… and perhaps even the inspiration for the first American Novel.  And yet, unbeknownst to Joan and her husband, dire trouble brews at the frontier already, as Hamilton imposes an onerous tax on western whiskey-makers, endangering their very livelihood.

As Saunders races to discover the true culprits in an ever growing conspiracy, Joan Maycott  will become embroiled in her own cause that could determine the fate of a fragile young country. Both are patriots in their own way, and, as each is swept up in the dramatic events unfolding, they will be faced with redemption – or death.

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