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We definitely have an exciting summer in the works for you over here at davidliss.com.  Not only has the publication date of my next novel, The Twelfth Enchantment, been moved up to August 9th, but I’ve got a new project on tap from Marvel which weds comics with historical fiction. 

Mystery Men, which debuts on June 8th, is a 5-part miniseries set in New York in the early 1930s. 


Says Marvel:

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Mystery Men #1 (of 5), from Edgar Award-winning writer David Liss and superstar artist Patrick Zircher! Before Captain America, before The Twelve, there was The Aviatrix, The Operative, Achilles, The Revenant and The Surgeon! What drives these five heroes to pull on masks and take to the rooftops of Manhattan? What dark conspiracy not only brings them together, but threatens to tear the America apart?  On the hunt to solve a brutal murder, our champions will smash their way from gleaming penthouses of privilege to squalid alleyways, as the full horror of their enemies’ schemes unfolds! Get ready for an action packed, edge-of-your-seat and in-continuity super hero adventure like no other when Marvel’s first champions take the case this June, only in Mystery Men #1 (of 5)!

This is a new chapter in the history of the Marvel Universe, and tells the story of the first generation of urban vigilantes to put on costumes and fight crime.  Five all new, all cool pulp-style heroes.  A murdered starlet.  A dark conspiracy.  Evil capitalists and a plot to do terrible things.  Amazing art by Patrick Zircher.  You can read an 8-page preview right now, and I’ll remind you when this bad boy hits the stands.

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