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Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Yes, I know I haven’t updated in a while.  I’ve been busy working on the final edits of my new novel, The Darkening Green, which I have now submitted.  It is on track for an autumn 2011 publication, and I have to say I’m very happy with it.  More details as they come in.

In retrospect, by not updating, I’ve missed sharing so many memories with the David Liss Blog Community: the Guided by Voices concert in Austin, the new Boston Spaceships album, the suckiness of the Freedom, the Jonathan Franzen novel, the awesomeness of Baked, the Mark Haskell Smith novel, watching Mark Haskell Smith compete in a Literary Death Match in Austin, my short-lived interest in reading classic science fiction novels (is it just me, or is The Forever War a snoozer?), my introduction to the game Dominion, the ceremonial trimming of the cat’s nails, the entire season of Walking Dead, my ambitious-squatting-related back injury and my subsequent recovery.  Exciting times.  Also,  I now have a Twitter account, and I’m still not sure why anyone needs one of these.  But I use it!

My new strategy is to update more frequently with shorter, punchier, snarkier posts that require less thought.  I’ve finally given up on my push to get a free Kindle, so I need another obsession to blog reflexively about.  I am open to suggestions.  

Finally, let me remind you that my debut on Black Panther #513 begins Wednesday, December 15th.   Notice the new Comics section on this page.  I am that serious.   You can find interviews with me about this project at Comic Book Resources, Newsarama, Manwithoutfear.com, and my local newspaper.  There are preview pages up at Marvel.

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