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Some pre-airport blogging.  I’m off within the hour for Michigan, where I’ll be speaking at the Jewish book fairs in Detroit and Ann Arbor.  I may also be visiting a film set there and talking to some people who may have some ideas about something I may have written.  I’m being vague.  In any case, I’m hoping at the very least to have some cool pictures to post when I get back.

It is also my hope that I’ll soon have some exciting news to hint at, but not actually reveal, regarding a new comics project.

And, finally, one of my readers complained that I never post updates on my writing.  The writing is going fine.  Thank you so much for asking.  The book in progress, The Darkening Green (all titles subject to alteration) is due in mid February for a spring, 2011 publication.  Right now everything is on track.

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