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Everything David Liss in 2015

What is going on in 2015?  Behold!

I’ll be updating more regularly come this summer, but in the meantime, here is a quick run-down of my publications for the year.  There are a few more surprises in the works, but this is everything I am physical, and legally, able to talk about at this precise moment.

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Available Now
THE SHADOW NOW  One of the greatest pulp heroes of all time, brought into the modern world.  This trade paperback collects all six issue, featuring art by the amazing Colton Worley.  ShadowNow06
OUT OF TUNE  This collection of short fiction, edited by Jonathan Maberry, features original tales of suspense and dark fantasy based on folk ballads.  My story, “Sweet William’s Ghost,” is inspired by the ballad of the same name.  OoT
PALEO   June.   Published by JournalStone, this novella is part of the DoubleDown series, which pairs works by established writers with emerging authors.  This novella, about a down-on-his-luck middle-aged man who discovers the benefits of worshipping caveman sprits, is paired with “The Doomday Prepper” by Eileen Curtright. images4WOL9GVOPlaceholder Image.  Real cover coming soon.
RANDOMS   August 25th.  My big release for the year.  The first book in a science fiction series aimed at readers 10 and up.  “As fun as a barrel full of tribbles, Randoms is middle-grade space opera at its best. Scary aliens! Cat people! Exploding starships! My inner geek stood up and cheered. Kids who love sci-fi, comics, or gaming will gobble up this fast-paced story, and it will make converts out of the rest.” (Pete Hautman, author of National Book Award Winner Godless).  For the record, the adults who have read it have responded with an unprecedented enthusiasm.  Grownups who enjoyed Ready Player One by Ernest Cline or Red Shirts by John Scalzi should check it out.  Randoms
AUTUMN 2015  – JEWISH NOIR.    September 1stEdited by the most excellent Kenneth Wishnia.  The title pretty much says it all.  It includes my short story, “Jewish Easter.”  imagesG6ZCFPK0
THE DAY OF ATONEMENT.   Exact date to come.  The paperback edition.  Called one of the best books of the year by The Seattle Times.  doa_sm
SHERLOCK HOLMES: MORIARTY LIVES.   Exact date to come.  Collecting all five issues of the minis-series.  After his presumed death in Switzerland, the notorious villain washes ashore in a town ruled by a man more evil and bloodthirsty than Professor Moriarty.  It’s bad-guy vs. bad-guy.  ML
X-FILES ANTHOLOGY  Exact date and title to come.  The second volume of original X-Files short stories, edited by Jonathan Maberry.  This volume will include my story, “Pilot.”  X-Files-Prose-Anthology-Cover-634x1000
ANGELICA TOMORROW  Exact date to come.  The trade paperback collecting all six issues of my first creator-owned series, featuring art by Allen Byrnes.  It’s your classic teenage, alcoholic paraplegic meets amnesiac cyborg assassin story – but with a twist!  AT-Press-Promo












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