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Hey, it’s publication day for The Devil’s Company.  “Liss keeps the suspense at full boil and the action rolling swiftly ahead,” says Publisher’s Weekly; “An
engaging, intelligent and entertaining narrative
,” says The San Antonio Express News; ” Witty and stimulating entertainment,” says Kirkus Reviews; “Mr. Liss has written a superlative book,” says a guy on Barnes & Noble.com who snagged an advance copy.  
Buy Me 
Buy one today at AmazonBarnes & Noble, your favorite independent or all three if you can’t choose.   You can also buy it on that marvelous device, the Kindle
At least I’m told it is marvelous.  I don’t, you know, have one myself.  But I
would like one, Amazon.  Makes a nice publication day gift, don’t you think?
You will love this novel the way deer love bunnies 
And what about the whole simultaneity thing?  It’s actually become a running
gag with my publisher.  Think about it.  2000, I publish A Conspiracy of Paper,
about a major stock market melt-down, just as the internet bubble is imploding. 
Last year I publish The Whiskey Rebels, about the first financial meltdown in
American history right when we are undergoing our own special, modern economic
freakout.  And now here comes The Devil’s Company, about a corporate giant that is confronting the disastrous reality that it can’t do business the way it
always has before (think GM and Chrysler).  Spooky.
 In other news, there’s a new interview with me at American Chronicle.  This is part of my “virtual book tour”  – way more fun than traveling to great cities, staying in nice hotels, and ordering room service.  There’s also a nice review on Matt Rees’s blog.  Check it out, as well as Matt’s interview with me, and more info on his own excellent books, which you should read — after you read mine. 

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  1. Iris says:

    More than deer love bunnies, eh? My snark fails to have anything to offer at this point after being confronted with that fluffy little tidbit.

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