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I always thought it would be cool to like anime, but most of what I’ve seen over the years left me unimpressed.  Either I was too post-pubescent for the material (Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist), I was too wedded to the notion of stories making sense (Akira), or maybe I was just one of those people who prefer not to be bored for long periods of time (Ghost in the Shell).  Then there were some (Cowboy Bebop comes to mind) that weren’t notably immature or dull or incomprehensible, but didn’t grab me in any meaningful way. 

Death Note.  It's about a death notebook.  Odd.

Death Note. It's about a death notebook. Odd.

Then there’s Death Note, which rocks.  I won’t get into the details of the story, which will sound silly if I try to summarize it, and because watching it unfold is one of the show’s real pleasures.  Suffice to say that over almost 40 half-hour episodes you have a truly great cat-and-mouse story as Light Yagami – given the power to kill any almost any human being he chooses decides to wipe out all crime by destroying criminals.  This has the side effect of making him into a mass murderer, which the police don’t like, and he is forced to match wits with “L,” the world’s greatest detective.  There are brief periods during the series’ run when it becomes a little confusing or opaque, but at the end you’ll discover those parts that seemed to make no sense or where you thought you weren’t paying attention do make sense and you were paying attention.  That’s always nice.  I give it a very strong recommendation.  If you are going to check out only one anime series, this is really the way to go. 

Freaky.  Right?

Freaky. Right?

It’s been a lot of back and forth in my reading on the romantics.  Mostly Byron and Blake these days.  At the moment, I’m steeped in research on Blake.  That guy was freaky.  I wanted to post some pictures of animals together with Kindles, but the internet  — usually so reliable – has let me down this time.  Feel free to send me pictures of your pets with your Kindles.  Or better yet, if you have a picture of your Kindle with a wild animal, like a lion or a capybara, for instance, I’d like to see it.  You  bet.  You may think the obvious move here is to talk about the Kindle Animal Farm, but I’m trying get Amazon to send me romanticsa free one, so I will pass on the low-hanging fruit, thanks.

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  1. Jon says:

    Got to be honest. I just picked up and finished in a week Wiskey Rebels. It was, by far, a great read. I have polished off all your Weaver books and I will keep down the “apple polishing” which, ironically, leads to my next critique…Death Note. My brother is an otaku (Anime lover) and I watched this show as well. It was so weird and strange, but it was oddly one of those shows I HAD to watch to know the outcome. I have not seen it all yet due to time constraints, however, I have to agree that out of all the other crap my brother watched, this one I may actually buy due to the fact that the plot does show, and very well.
    Well, that is my “2 cents” worth of commentary. Hope you enjoy, and I look forward to getting my copy of Devil’s Company.
    best of luck,

  2. Barry Stokes says:

    Just finished “A Conspiracy.Of Paper” at 5:00am . A very good read! I see your wife’s name is Stokes. My family came from around Penkridge in the English midlands. I wonder if we are distantly related have a family tree that goes back several centuries I would be pleased to share if you are interested.

  3. Eileen says:

    I’m all for getting free stuff, and I’m sure Amazon will cave soon (how can they resist this animal scheme?) but if they don’t, you should break down and buy a Kindle. I just got one and I weep for the wasted years of my life till now.

  4. Eileen says:

    Also, Keats is the best Romantic poet (it’s been scientifically proven) so I hope he’ll be making an apperance in whatever you’re cooking up.

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