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I’m off tomorrow morning for Bouchercon — it’s a mystery convention, as if you didn’t know.  I hope to return with photos, good stories, and a new tote bag. It’s been a number of years since by last Bouchercon, so I now have far more Thrillerfest totes.

Speaking of vicious competitions, we’ll find out this weekend if I will win the Macvaity Award for best historical mystery.  I’ve been nominated for The Whiskey Rebels, and I very much deserve to win, despite The Whiskey Rebels not really being a mystery at all. I just hope the award doesn’t go to some Romanian, like the Nobel. I’m still bitter. I thought this was my year.  


She's laughing at me.

She's laughing at me.

The nominees are:  

  • Rhys Bowen: A Royal Pain (Berkley)
  • Ward Larsen: Stealing Trinity (Oceanview)
  • David Liss: The Whiskey Rebels (Thorndike/ Random House UK)
  • Jeri Westerson: Veil of Lies (Minotaur)
  • Karen Maitland: Company of Liars (Michael Joseph/ Delacorte)
  • Kelli Stanley: Nox Dormienda (Five Star)

I won’t mind if Kelli Stanley wins, since she’s my swell pal. If I win, however, I plan to point at her and laugh triumphantly.

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  1. Matthew McCoy says:

    Right, then. Not often a Yank gets off first in old Albion, so I thought I would have a go at this: Loved the book. Loved the book. Loved the book. Loved the book. Loved the book.

    May the best scribe win.


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