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I’ve been promising this announcement for a long time, and now here it is.  One of my major side-projects this year will be for awesome comics indie, RadicalAssassins: Sword of the Apocalypse will be an “illustrated novel” (essentially a novella with lots of high-quality illustrations) set during the Third Crusade.  King Richard the Third and Saladin, Sultan of Egypt and Syria, are locked in ruthless combat over the holy city of Jerusalem, but when a new and terrifying threat emerges, the two monarchs must set aside their differences and become brothes in arms.  Joined by Robert of Locksley (later Robin Hood), Morgiana (of Ali Baba fame), Temüjin (later Genghis Khan), and Moses Maimonides (all good adventures should include a Torah scholar), Richard and Saladin will face bloodthirsty Assassins, deranged Templars, and an evil that threatens all mankind.  I’m psyched.

Radical’s books always feature amazing art, and this one is going to look fantastic.  I’ll post more details when they are available, but look for publication late 2010 or early 2011. 

I had some art posted, but Radical asked me to take it down.  They don’t want anything leaked.  So here, in the meantime, is a picture of Maimonides (Saladin’s physician in real life, you know) as he contemplates fighting evil.


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  1. gary kaplan says:

    Mazel-tov!! We look forward to reading this epic. By the way,we have those two equine athletes in our pasture. Happy healthy Passover.

  2. Rovi Scolari says:

    Wow! Is this story true?

  3. Ricardo says:

    This isn’t an April Fools Day joke, right? You wouldn’t be that mean or are you! Any way you could have posted it on Wednesday or Friday and that what’s so troubling about this. You realize this is driving me a bit nuts. Please tell me and put me out of my missery.

  4. David Liss says:

    You know, after I posted, I wondered if people might somehow think it was an April Fools thing. If it were, it would have been a much crazier project. No, this is for reals.

  5. Ricardo says:

    Thank you, looking forward to it. You know I grew up reading those Classic Novels published in the 50’s. But heaven forbid if you only read these and not the novels because you always got caught.

  6. Erin says:


    This looks great! Can’t wait to read it when it comes out.

    I’ve been thinking of you and meaning to catch up. Lots going on here, most of it good.


  7. Yasser Tabbaa says:

    You’ve taken me to coffee houses, taverns, court houses, exchanges, prisons, and other seedy and exciting places in London and Amsterdam. Now it’s the Middle Ages, my own stomping grounds. And what a cast of characters! Easy on the Assassins, unless you have too. I think they get a bad rap.

    This will be amazing for me and my students.

  8. Eileen says:

    Coincidentally I just started a history of the crusades which is utterly lacking in cool illustrations. I’m dropping it like a hot potato and waiting for this instead.

  9. mark baard says:

    Outstanding! Can’t wait.

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