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One final post of the old year.  Then, next year, it’s back to regular posting.  Really, I promise.

Robin HoodI’ve set aside my research on the 14th century in order to pursue an more immediate (and paying!) project set in the 12th century.  I hope to be able to announce this project early next year, but unlike with novels, comics publishers keep a tight lid on these things until they are ready.  In any case, being in a late 12th century kind of mood, I decided to check out the BBC Robin Hood TV show (which all you Netflix subscribers can stream directly to your computer).  I’d heard good things about it, but allow me to say I was skeptical. 

I am skeptical no longer.  Okay, maybe it is not, in fact, the greatest TV show ever, as I may have claimed to my wife.  But it sure feels like it.  The show is, almost necessarily, a little bit on the silly side, but it is also full of brilliantly executed action set-pieces, engaging characters who, for all they lack in complexity, are sure fun to watch, and loads of witty dialogue.  In particular, Keith Allen plays the Sheriff of Nottingham with insanely campy verve.  Trust me on this one, people.  It’s my non-denominational holiday gift to you.

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  1. April Coldsmith says:

    We agree! The family and I have been watching it for three years and loved it. Who knew the women wore pants in the 12th century. And how about those old growth forests? I long for a time when the good people saw no problem in taking back from the rich what properly belonged to them. I only wished it had skewered the “fat church” more. There are two other BBC series that are glorious, too: Doc Martin and Being Human.

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