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So, here we are.  Another year.  San Antonio people, why not start the year out right?  With me!  I’ll be reading along with local author, homicide detective, and beer-drinking pal Joe McKinney this Thursday, January 7th, 6:30 PM at the Central Library (600 Soledad Street).  I will most likely read from my novel-in-progress, The Darkening Green, which I am mere weeks away from submitting.

Blood, such as what came out of my hand in vast quantities, after playing the Wii.  I still have the scar.

Blood, such as what came out of my hand in vast quantities, after playing the Wii. I still have the scar.

In other news, my father bought my kids a Wii for Hanukah.  Thus far, I think only the sports games – the ones that take advantage of the Wii technology – are any fun.  I don’ t hold a grudge against the gaming system, despite the time, when using my brother-in-law’s Wii, I got a little excited playing tennis, jumped up, and smashed my hand into a lighting fixture.  Technically I should have gotten stitches, but my daughter had her birthday party that afternoon, so I ended up bleeding all over the local Pump It Up.  Good times.

In other news, I saw this banner ad while browsing on Amazon. 


Personally, I don’t know anything about this book, nor do I particularly give a crap about it.  Maybe it’s good.  Maybe it’s not.  What am I, a fortune teller?  The point here is that the ad refers to it as a “novel of historical fiction.”  Is that insanely clunky, or is that just me?  Does the fact that I’m grumbling about the wording in banner ads mean I’m getting older.  Am I turning into a nut like the crank who used to send me hate e-mail because he didn’t like that I used the past perfect in my novels.  I haven’t received anything from him in a while.  Maybe he’s dead.

Amazon, you will recall, makes the Kindle.  I don’t own a Kindle.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Again with the Kindle. (You do realize that by the time they deign to send you a Kindle, Kindles will be obsolete & you’ll be obligated both to express gratitude to Amazon & satisfy yourself with what will then be an old-fashioned, clunky piece of hardware? Don’t say you weren’t warned.)

    Yup, it’s clunky.

  2. Mr. Liss: I enjoy your books immensely. I’ve read all of them, I think, except this latest Benjamin Weaver, which I plan to read right away .. wish I could come hear your reading at the SA Library tonight, but, alas, the Texas-Alabama game is more compelling!

  3. Barns says:

    That’s a pretty funny post. I agree with the clunkiness of the label, perhaps they were trying to make it sound like a novel of historical ‘proportions’, which would grab one’s attention. BTW, I read a description of Alice I Have Been after you mentioned it, and I’d say it’s a rather peculiar concept, is the plot. Some fictional account of the Alice from Alice in Wonderland’s life after growing up or, nevermind, it’s clunky.

    Oh, and I would recommend getting a Kindle, I don’t believe it will be a fleeting novelty item, I have the original and it suits me fine, although already a newer version came out. I actually purchased your 3rd Benjamin Weaver book via Kindle edition.

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