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I’m told by people who should know that there is only one spot left for my course, The Novel: Structure and Development, which begins this March.  If you are local, and wish to achieve enlightenment, why not grab that last seat at the table of knowledge?  Annoying people, I am not talking to you.  Check out the remarkable and comically explosive details here.

Also, while we are on the subject of me, people keep writing me to ask about my appearances this year.  I don’t have a book out in 2010, so I won’t be doing a great deal of publicity, but I will be making a few appearances, mostly locally.  Here’s what the year looks like thus far.

February 16.  7 PM.  I’ll be reading from my short story, “What Masie Knew,” published that very day in The New Dead, edited by Christopher Golden.  Click here for other New Dead events, all on the same day.  Mine is at Barnes and Noble La Cantera.  15900 La Cantera Parkway.  San Antonio, TX  78256.

February 18.  7 – 9 PM: Gemini Ink Autograph Series.  Along with Andrew Porter.  Local boys get the big-time treatment.  Chapman Graduate Center Auditorium.  Trinity University, 715 Stadium Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78212.  This is a literary event, so I will likely also read from my zombie story.  Just, you know, to be difficult.

February 19, 11:45 am – 2 pm: Autograph Series Colloquium luncheon.  Pearl Studio.  312 Pearl Parkway, Bldg. 2.  Click here for more info on both these events.

March 10.  11AM – 2PM  Bulverde Library Book & Author Luncheon.  Click here for more info.

March 19th – 20th.  Virginia Festival of the Book.  Click here for my schedule.

July 7 – 10.  Thrilerfest.  Check the Thrillerfest web site later in the year for schedules, or look for me at the bar.

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  1. Har-tee, Har har, I got the last spot!

  2. LatestRant says:

    I am listening to the Audible (Brilliance audio) version of The Whiskey Rebels. I break out into bursts of laughter once or twice in each chapter. Never have I encountered a character the likes of Ethan Saunders. Thank you for your work Mr Liss. I will be reading/listening to your other works and encouraging others to do the same.

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