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It looks cool!  Maybe they'll give me a free one.  Not likely.

It looks cool! Maybe they'll give me a free one. Not likely.

Do you remember when I asked Amazon to give me a free Kindle?  My argument for getting one, you may recall, was that some authors received free Kindles, and I was not one of them.  That made me feel not-special.  I intuitively understood that a free Kindle would make me feel special again.  I asked and asked and blogged and blogged, and Amazon said, sure, we’ll give you a free Kindle.  And then they didn’t.   We can all agree that’s not very nice.

The opossum I found in my garage.  I caught it and released it like an unwanted Kindle.

The opossum I found in my garage. I caught it and released it like an unwanted Kindle.

Well, now the story has a happy ending, because the Kindle is about to be crushed, and I will laugh and laugh and laugh at its demise, because I never received a free one.  By now the entire planet has heard about the new Apple iPad, and I think we can all agree it looks ultra cool.  Web surfing, ebook reading, all kinds of exciting aps, the ability to read comics books – good for a guy in the biz like myself.  Granted the $499 price tag is a bit steep, but I figure that will come down in time, and the iPad’s superior versatility will make up the difference.  All in all, I predict the Kindle will be removed from the market like a nasty, scabby opossum is removed from my garage.  This is truly a great day for people who have not received free stuff when they asked for it.

Oh, and for a laugh,  check out this blogger’s post, in which a person I don’t remember accuses me of having been rude in 2003, and I respond.  Thank you, internet, for letting me know when people are talking about me!

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  1. Andrea says:

    I see you have made a healthy sour grapes peace with the Kindle issue – good for you!
    (Maybe you can find another online bookseller willing to promise you an iPad & then not deliver – just to maintain the entertaining grudge portion of your blog.)

    re: offended book club members. Did the well-mannered Southern ladies actually introduce themselves as being in the cattle business or were you expected to intuit it? Just curious. (In NYC, they’d have cursed you out & told you where to go, which would have been bracing & entertaining all around. But you cannot expected that of the well-mannered – they get lashings of conscience if they raise their voices, much less scold a visiting writer. Better to complain in a public blog later about it.)

  2. Ilana D. says:

    Speaking of Google letting you know when people are talking about you… did you get an alert about a brief mention of you in my (newish) blog?

    I am still trying to figure out how word spreads in the blogosphere, what pingbacks and trackbacks are, and whether stuff I write gets picked up by search engines.

    FYI, the entry is http://midlifebatmitzvah.wordpress.com/2010/01/20/spenser-orphaned/. I regret that I did not discuss your manners or views of cattle raising. 🙂

  3. Nekromantix says:

    hi! your books are cool and you should get a kindle (wat evr that is). and how many in total books you got? P.s people on the internet are truly Dumbasses.
    lol Ethical Assassin was an AWSOME book but you should have put more to the ending with the animal rights. but that book leaves so many questions! well anyhoo Thanx FOR THE BOOK!!! HOPE TO GET ANOTHER SOON!!!!

  4. Djoz says:

    Regarding “The Ethical Assassin” thank you – it was a voice I haven’t heard for sometime and I was sinking back into ideologies dull void.

  5. Rovi Scolari says:

    It’s time for you to strike back at Amazon.Ask (nay, demand)your publisher to remove your books for Kindle use. That will learn ’em!….well, maybe, not so fast.
    I read all of the Apple info on iPad, and many reviews. My conclusion, mirroring a New York Times writer, is that the iPad while fantastic, would mostly be of interest to people on airplanes.
    Speaking of Kindle, I am sure that the price will be down to $100 be year’s end.

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